Verizon is cutting the cord on all those unlimited smartphone data plans for $30 a month.

Beginning this Thursday, July 7, Verizon will discontinue unlimited data plans for new customers. (Existing subscribers of the unlimited plan aren’t affected.) Usage-based data plans will be as follows:
* 75MB of data for $10 monthly
* 2GB for $30 monthly
* 5GB for $50 monthly
* 10GB for $80 monthly
If you go over your monthly allotment, you’ll pay $10 per 1GB or $10 per 75MB on the least expensive plan.
In other Verizion iPhone news, the unofficial Verizon blog VZBuzz reports that Verizon may be about to offer iPhone 4 discounted prices. Example: the 16GB iPhone 4 would go for $150.99, compared to the $199.99 it currently costs. No details as to when the sale might occur.

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