One of the new functionalities of Lion are you Take back, that automatically reopens every left window open of one determined application when he again launches. This function is some “magic”, at times when he launches Safari or Word, you/he/she can return useful to visualize the last consulted Web pages or open documents. Other times, however, you Reopen it is annoying: you have for instance opened about ten file PDF with Preview, and once finished to work or consulatre these files, desire not to reopen them next time that you launch the application. Fortunamente there is one “option” that prmette to avoid that this happens.                      


When the application is closed and is not wanted that I/you/he/she Mend of Lion reopens her to the following throwing with all the windows or file left open,
 you hold pressed the key Option (halt). That is you press, .-option-Q, or to hold pressed the key Option when from the homonym menu of the application the voice
 is chosen "you Go out."
The key Option transforms you Go out in you Close and it ignores Windows (you evidently generate him of Apple they are not remembered to translate Windows with "windows."

Tip bonus: have you closed the application without pressing Option before and do you not desire that is opened all the windows or documents to the throwing?
Any problem, holds pressed the button Capital before launching the software.



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