Semaphore a.k.a@NotCom, creator of TinyUmbrella tool has released a new tool called “TinyCFW” for Windows users only. The tool is available in TinyCFW alpha mode for Windows which allows you to create a custom IPSW firmware for iPad 2 (GSM / CDMA) and iPhone 4 only so with which you can downgrade your device to 4.3.3 iOS firmware.

Number of users are interested in downgrading their iPad 2 to older iOS 4.3.3 firmware mostly. As because the last jailbreak was performed on the 4.3.3 firmware on iPad 2 by Comex (famous iOS hacker). After that Apple has stopped signing the older firmwares and now there is no chance to downgrade your device. Unfortunately, there is no jailbreak released after iOS 4.3.3 for iPad 2.

So if you’re interested to jailbreak your iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.3 and then you must have to downgrade your iPad 2 to iOS 4.3.3 firmware and that you can do using the latest TinyCFW alpha tool.

Most importantly, the TinyCFW tool is designed and meant for iPad 2 and iPhone 4 only. The tool is in beta stage and it is a very rough tool which means it works not as smooth at this point. However, before start working on it — make sure that you have your saved SHSH blobs of your iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.3. So if you have iOS 4.x SHSH you can downgrade your iPad 2/iPhone 4.

From the TinyCFW blog:

TinyCFW is a simple tool I put together for a friend of mine. He has an iPad2 GSM and has his 4.3.3 SHSH but since Apple is no longer signing 4.3.3, it isn’t possible to downgrade to 4.3.3 without getting stuck in a 1015 recovery loop.
What TinyCFW is:

It will modify an existing ipsw for an ipad2 gsm/cdma or iphone4 gsm/cdma
It will create an ipsw that you can use with TinyUmbrella AND iTunes to restore to a version of iOS that you have SHSHs for.
It is primarily for iPad2 with a baseband OR iPhone 4.

What TinyCFW is NOT:

A jailbreak
An unlock
A tool to protect your baseband.
A tool that will restore your device to any firmware
A tool for use with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad, or iPhone 4S

The usage is simple. Start the application (double click on the jar or run the .exe file). You must have java and at least 2.5gb ram. (Yes I know. It’s a lot. Get over it. I didn’t write this to be massively distributed. I wrote this for a friend and am now just sharing it with everyone). Once the window comes up, click the top button and choose an ipsw for which you have SHSHs for. The app will scan it and tell you the firmware and baseband versions in the ipsw you selected and the firmware and baseband versions that will be in the target ipsw when you click the second button. If you’re ready, click ‘Save Target IPSW’. This will take a minute or two and when it is finished, you will have a file named:


You can use this ipsw with iTunes and TinyUmbrella to restore your iPad2 GSM/CDMA back to say 4.3.3 (if you have 4.3.3 SHSH).

This is a VERY initial release. I never intended on it being a massively supported tool. It’s just something I used in passing. If it helps you great! This functionality will exist in far more robust form when I finally ever release TinyPwn.

You can download TinyCFW alpha for Windows from the direct link given below:
Download TinyCFW v0.1 for Windows [Direct Link]

Download  TinyCFW v0.1 for MAC [Direct Link]

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