Update to version Corona 1.0-8 fix the problem with iOS 5.0 and iPhone 4S

On February 1, 2012, in News, by admin

Jay Freeman (saurik)@sauri Corona 1.0-8: @sbingner noticed that 1.0-6/7 failed on iPhone 4S 5.0 (the only supported 5.0 build; absinthe’s Corona had worked): fixed. It was released a new update for the Corona, the tweak that bears upon our iDevices untethered jailbreak. The tweak is updated to 1.0-8 and corrects bugs that occur on iOS 5.0 for […]

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Corona 1.0-7 released to fix iBooks DRM

On January 31, 2012, in News, by admin

Corona version 1.0-7 is now live in Cydia and is a recommended install (or update) for all jailbroken users running iOS 5.0.1, no matter how the device was jailbroken As we anticipated in our article a few hours ago, “Corona  1.0.6 update soon”  to fix iBooks DRM. Version 1.0-7has been released. As usual, we should not do it again to install the jailbreak 1.0.7 but just […]

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Fixed Corona issues with iBooks DRMd book – Corona 1.0.6 to be released soon

On January 29, 2012, in News, by admin

Great news hour was said to be released shortly  version 1.0.6 of Corona to fix iBooks DRMd books: Hi, I heard some great news from IRC. @planetbeing has fixed Corona issues with iBooks DRMd books. Corona 1.0.6 to be released soon. Stay tuned for the release

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Fix iBooks Untethered Jailbreak Using Corona 1.0-5

On January 16, 2012, in Jailbreak, by admin

After our article a few days ago: Expect a Corona update soon in Cydia that’ll fix iBooks and other softwares having sandbox issues. 1.0.5 of Corona in Cydia. Update now This fixes both the launchd socket issue (last fix didn’t work randomly) and iBooks. Thanks to @xvolks for the development and @iH8sn0w for the testing. Learn here’s how to […]

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News on the release of the untethered jailbreak iPhone 4s – iPad 2 A5 chips

On January 5, 2012, in Jailbreak, News, by admin

A few days ago the hacker @ pod2g, author of last untethered jailbreak of IOS,Twitter has announced the release within the week the release of the A5 chipdevices, namely the iPhone 4S and the iPad  2. In an update of his blog, @pod2g has responded to some questions common to him posed by many usersthese days. The answers cast new doubts on the dates of final release of the tool. It seemed almost done, but the new details on the jailbreak untethered iPad 2 iPhone 4S and may take 2 to discomfort those owners who want to unlock theiriDevices generation. We analyze the post, articulated in the form of FAQquestion-and-answer, just published by @ pod2g on […]