One of the functionalities that some consumers of Safari envy of Chrome and Firefox are the possibility to use the bar of you also address him to effect the searches. In practice, in the bar of you address him besides digitare the URLs the search keys you/they can be written, ilsarà the browser to understand if you/he/she must perform a search or to connect to an address Web. Safari Omnibar of Olivier Poitrey also trains this function in the browser Apple.

Omnibar is free, and it works as a plug-in SIMBL with the version of Safari 5.1 of Lion and Snow Leopard. After having installed the plug-in and restarted Safari, the box of search in the toolbar will fade away, and digitando a key word for a search in the only field place and pressing dispatch, a search will effect him with Google.



Preferred Bing? Ctrl-click (or right key of the mouse) on the bar of you address him and to choose Edit Omnibar Search Providers. From here it is possible to not only plan the motor of search of default (it needs to manually add him/it to the list), but also other key words to start specific search.

If he changes mind, to restore the bar of addresses him and that of search is enough to remove the plug-in Safari Omnibar that it is found in / Bookstore / Application Support / SIMBL / Plugins and to restart Safari.


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