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I wanted to ask a help because every time that I reopen Safari they appear me the windows and the panels of the last session…I have read from some part that it needed to disarm them in the preferences of safari but despite has ricontrollato in the menus at least 20 times I/you/they have not succeeded in finding the solution.

Preferences of System – General. Remove it sprouts her/it to “it Restores the windows when I go out of the applications and I reopen her.”


If you want to desultorily do him/it, maintaining as me the function that I hold useful,

because even it doesn’t interest yourself to reopen a search already selected in the

preferred ones or in the list Reading, all it takes is pressing the key halt, in additional way. That is rather than to press cmd+q, will press cmd+alt+q, or you can press the key halt

together with the voice of the menĂ¹ Safari “you Go out of Safari.”

  • In fact pressing the key alt, the voice that finds on the menĂ¹ transforms him in “you Go out and it Ignores Windows”
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