With the exit of the new operating system Lion, Apple has also given more and more a further push toward the thick use of gesture and multitouch on the Mac and, really for this, some months ago the Magic Trackpad launched, an accessory entirely similar to the present trackpads on the MacBooks Air / For, but with greater surface and possibility to also use him/it on the iMacs and on the Mac Pro. Close to the Magic Trackpad there is then the Magic Mouse an assembled of design and technology also equipped it with panel touch. SlideToMac has tried them both on Lion, trying to understand which of the two must be preferred in the daily use with the new operating system Apple.

We immediately say that it is not a matter of price: both cost 69 €, for which in this sense the two devices him equivalgono. Both, use then two batteries type AA, they have analogous consumptions and they connect him to the Mac through Bluetooth. Differences, are clear, they exist from the point of view of the functionalities and the tipologica of use.

The Magic Trackpad

The Magic Trackpad introduces him as a great panel of grey color, on which to be able to exploit the technology multitouch of Apple. For his/her conformation, the Trackpad must directly be used on the desk without the use of rugs and similar objects. Thanks to the superior support, the panel goes down downward from the tall one so that to make its more comfortable and ergonomic use. The panel is excellently realized and the answer to the movements and the touch they are perfect.
Preferences give of System it is possible to train the click of the mouse to the simple touch of the Trackpad, some as it happens on iPhone / iPad, also because, in contrary case, disabling this option is necessary to bring the finger up to the left inferior angle of the panel, making the everything more macchinosos. Straight, but it is entirely here subjective matter, I have trained the secondary click of the mouse with a double tap on the panel: in this way, I must not move me up to the right inferior angle to use the functions of the secondary click but me enough simply to quickly touch twice the Trackpad, from any position and in any point is found the finger. Besides, the physical click asks entirely for a great pressure unlike the touch on the panel similar touch, in as for sensibility, to the display of the iPhone or the iPad.




Perfect also the use of the functions multitouch, since the panel is able of “to read” pià fingers contemporarily: I train Mission Control moving upward four fingers, I open Launchpad with a movement to opening of the fingers and I skim through the patinas with three fingers… I am still able zoommare with two fingers, to rotate a photo and so much other.

Magic Mouse

Beyond the desing, that I personally find fantastic, the Magic Mouse is countersigned by other mice for the fact to have a small panel touch on the back. Close to the two physical keys for the two clicks, the back of the mouse is able in fact to be used for flowing a page and to effect other simple gesture. Despite these functions, however, on the Magic Mouse they are not reproducible all the gestures proper of the TrackPad

Which to choose?

Who has an iMac or a Mac Pro and he/she wants to exploit all the novelties “gesture” of Lion must purchase by circumstance a Trackpad, in how much, as we have seen, with the Magic Mouse this is not possible. But in the daily job, is it comfortable to use the Magic Trackpad or would it be better to abdicate these gestures and to continue to use the classical one good mouse?

is difficult to give an objective answer, because very it depends on the wish of every consumer to try and to get used to the novelties: all, me inclusive, after 10 minutes of use of the Trackpad we have been tried to put back him/it in the drawer and to take back the mouse but, if not him demorde and he continue to use for sometime the trackpad, then the things change. For instance, from the formulations of the Mac it is possible to modify the speed of slide and to make her/it compatible with his/her own demands and comfortable gesture can be exploited indeed that, once you learn, the use of the Mac they make faster: in an instant I hide the windows, I see all those open and tied up to an app, I skim through the pages of Safari and I magnify. In short, in this sense the Magic Trackpad doesn’t have rivals. For instance have also trained the touch to three fingers to move a file or an object (the classical click+spostamento of the mouse) and this function velocizza, of very the job!

The mouse, however, allows to work in different way: years and years of use have made him/it integral part of the computer life of everything us and to leave him/it of point in white it is not easy, also because the speed of move and the precision of the mouse are not easy to be reproduced on the trackpad. Who works in certain circles, where the precision and the speed of move of the cursor are conclusive, then it will continue to use the Magic Mouse, even they relegate the Trackpad to a daily use but not tied up to the job.

For all the others, instead, both that the Mac is used for job, both that him am used only for sailing or to have a good time him, with Lion an obligation practically becomes to purchase the Trackpad with the purpose to exploit all the gestures and all the conveniences offered by the new operating system Apple.

Must choose, therefore, you opt for the Magic Trackpad, with the awareness that the first hours of use won’t be easy, but after a few days you will succeed in him/it in optimal way. There is also who has tried to use the mouse with the right hand and the Trackpad with the left, so that to move the cursor with the first one and to exploit the gestures with the second, but the result is not of the best. In short, the Trackpad, if used well, it increases the daily productivity and it goes to replace in optimal way the classical mouse.


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