A little new in Mac OS X Lion is hiding in the Library folder within the user home folder. It is probably a choice that he wants to go to avoid accidental deletion of files that coulddamage the applications installed on your system. Indeed, this folder is used by theoperating system and installed applications to save their settings, and data backup in general and therefore should not be of particular interest to users.


However, in certain circumstances have access to the Library folder can be very comfortable and then have it available as it was in Snow Leopard might be pleasing tomany. Consider, for example, to restore an application after cleaning the system, many applications it saves the data of interest in this position will be sufficient to copy them to regain the application with all your data.

So let’s see how you can remove the “invisibility” to that folder.

Firstly, you need to open the terminal. You’ll find it in Applications> Utilities (or more comfortably and type cmd + space terminal). Once open, you must type:

chflags nohidden ~/Library/


Now the Library folder should be visible as it has always been in the old operating systems. But if you want to go back to standard settings, always from the terminal you can type:

chflags hidden ~/Library/

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