iPhone 5 rumor roundup

On July 27, 2011, in iPhone 5, iPhone Tutorials, News, by admin

In a big change from the previous three events, Apple’s 2011 Worldwide Developers Conference didn’t reveal new iPhone hardware. Sure, attendees got details of iOS 5 at the June 6 keynote address, but true iPhone fans also left the session without any hint of what a new handset might offer or when it would arrive.
With Apple devices in particular, the rumor mill tends to kick into high gear in the absence of any official announcement. And that’s certainly been the case with the iPhone 5. The first gossip started to trickle in even as the iPhone 4 went on sale last year, but as summer has droned on that trickle has become a flood. Some of the rumors contradict each other–one camp suggests a minor update with an iPhone 4S, while another predicts a big update with an iPhone 5–but disagreement, after all, often is what the rumor mill is all about. And since conflicting information can be hard to track, we offer this handy timeline of iPhone 5 rumors so far in 2011. We’ll add to it as we go along, and please let us know if we’ve left any juicy tidbits out.