IOS 8 Final download direct link

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And ‘finally released a preview ios 8 final version To download the direct link below. Soon we will put direct links to each idevice.

You have to have patience we are loading them on the server!

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IOS 8 Final download direct link


IOS 8  news: here are the new features of the app:

IOS 8  brings many new features, including new applications and features that will have a major impact on the way you use the iPhone and iPad.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is the application that allows you to access the cloud of Apple. Not only that, now you can save presentations, images, PDF files and any other type of file directly from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or PC. Another feature of this app is to be able to work on the same document, using different devices, increasing productivity.


Health is the long-awaited application for the fitness and to monitor our vital signs, through third-party devices. Apple has created this app with the goal of creating an archive easily searchable. Of Health can view your heart rate, calories burned, level of blood sugar, cholesterol, and much more. There is also the possibility of creating an emergency card in which are recorded important data, such as the type of blood or your allergies. In the next few months will come, most likely, applications and devices capable of interfacing with Health and offer more functionality.


If up until now was used Spotlight to search for apps or music on iPhone and iPad, iOS in 8 this functionality has been improved significantly. In fact, the research results will be more accurate and intelligent, including data from Wikipedia, news Web sites, places nearby, and much more ancora.interessanti.


The Messages application has been renovated and transformed slightly. 8 On iOS, it will be possible to send voice, video or initiate group conversations. Also, you can easily share your location and displays it on the map or send multiple photos and videos at once.


The Photos application has been radically transformed in iOS 8, introducing the possibility to edit photos in automatic or manual mode. E ‘can, in fact, change the brightness, contrast, exposure, slope, and many other parameters without using external applications.

Family Sharing

Family Sharing is a new way to communicate and share purchases on iTunes, iBooks and the App Store, at the family level. Once you set the application you can search for the location of family members and show where they are, through the location of their devices. Moreover, with the Calendar app, events can be created at the household level and all components will automatically receive the reminder.

Continuity and Handoff

These two new features allow you to switch from one Mac to iPhone or iPad and vice versa, creating a de facto ecosystem even more efficient. Thank Handoff Continuity and you can navigate to a web page on your Mac and continue browsing on the iPhone without having to post any links. The communication process is automatic and is triggered by logging in with the same credentials iCloud on all your devices. Handoff is compatible with all Apple app, and in the future, developers can integrate into their.

Download IOS 8 Direct Link

  • iPad Air (5th generation WiFi + Cellular)
  • iPad Air (5th generation WiFi)
  • iPad (4th generation CDMA)
  • iPad (4th generation GSM)
  • iPad (4th generation WiFi)
  • iPad mini (CDMA)
  • iPad mini (GSM)
  • iPad mini (WiFi)
  • iPad mini 2 (WiFi + Cellular)
  • iPad mini 2 (WiFi)
  • iPad mini 2 (CDMA)
  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi (3rd generation)
  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (model for ATT)
  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (model for Verizon)
  • iPad 2 Wi-Fi (Rev A)
  • iPad 2 Wi-Fi
  • iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM)
  • iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA)
  • iPhone 5 (CDMA)
  • iPhone 5 (GSM)
  • iPhone 5c (CDMA)
  • iPhone 5c (GSM)
  • iPhone 5s (CDMA)
  • iPhone 5s (GSM)
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPod touch (5th generation)

Direct Link


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