I’m Watch: here is the real iWatch Made in Italy

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If you follow the major Italian news about Apple, then you have already readsome news I’m  Watch, a project already in an advanced stage which involves the construction of a real iWatch (wristwatch-style Apple ). The prototypes seem to come from Apple, for their refinement and design, instead it is a watch designed by two Italian entrepreneurs, built with fine materials and above all able to connect via Bluetooth to the iPhone to receive calls, emails and see do many other things. A sort of wrist real iPhone. So we have discovered something more than what has been said on other blogs ..

Connect with iPhone, Android, and any future smartphones. Stop trying in bagsand pockets, speaks clearly on the phone through a powerful speaker, leavingboth hands free for tasks more enjoyable or important. Listen to all your favorite songs from I’m Music, view the gallery of images and find all the possibleapplications of i’market. Experience a whole new range of possibilities.

Everything, really everything, I’m Watch
First of all, I’m not yet sold Watch, in fact we will see in Italian stores only in January 2012, but in reality it is already possible to pre-order. For € 249 I’m Titanium, the base model, can be yours. For this and other prices you see on that page, considering that prices have to get a preview and to support the initial development of Watch and so I’m do not think they are the final prices (which I hope will be lower).

The project, conceived by two Italian entrepreneurs, Manuel Zanella and Massimiliano Bertolini, has opened a few weeks ago his website from which you can discover patterns, and the video capabilities of the current status of the project.

the characteristics

  • show the clock in analog or digital format
  • Display answer calls with the caller’s number and name
  • make calls by typing the number or the phone book
  • talk handsfree
  • receive SMS preview
  • receive e-mail with details of the sender and subject
  • check the weather of the city you are in.
  • receiving notifications from Facebook ™, Twitter ™, Foursquare ™, etc..
  • download all the music you want from music I’m
  • I’m downloading applications store
  • view the gallery photos and images
  • See market trends and receive notifications
  • receive notification of meetings and consultation of the
  • develop and create ad hoc applications
  • 1.5-inch display with a resolution of 240 × 240 due to the almost “retinaldisplay” that provides 220 pixels per inch
  • Everything will be possible thanks to the Bluetooth connection to your iPhone, a little ‘as happens in modern mini-computers in cars.

Some features, taken from the website I’m Watch, I think they are tooexaggerated. It seems that there will be a music store dedicated to Watch I’m(perhaps they mean that you download from the iTunes Store?). However all the features are very attractive and seems to be a great product.

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