How to calibrate the color of iPad and iPhone

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Datacolor is output from an application for iPhone and iPad, and iPad 2 for Color Calibration: “Spyder Gallery“.
With this app you can use a Spyder3 – Spyder4 calibrator   to calibrate
color screen of the tablet and the phone. The application Spyder Gallery is free Available on the App store and you can
use either of both of iPad 2 iPad and iPhone and allows you to view all images
device in a tunnel with the correct colors.For the operation is necessary Spyder3

Spyder4 Express, Pro or Elite and access to a
local WiFi network.

Professional picture viewing, wherever you are

Tablet color can be attractive, but lacking in accuracy and consistency. The Datacolor SpyderGallery™ was designed to help photographers manage the color output on the iPad®display. This app provides an easy-to-use program to calibrate the display and assure that colors are consistent throughout the entire workflow process. Just download the free app from the iTunes iOS App Store® and follow the simple instructions to download SpyderGallery™ to your desktop and iPad®.

Datacolor is the first to provide a complete calibration solution to improve the color on your iPad® device. Use your Spyder3 product to calibrate the iPad®, and SpyderGallery™ to view your images using your custom iPad® color profile. Then relax – you now have consistent color throughout your entire photo gallery!

A Spyder3™ colorimeter is required to use the calibration component of SpyderGallery™. If you do not already have access to a Spyder™ click here.

Designed for:
Professional photographers, photo studios and anyone serious about their photo displays.

I have tried the product and I must say it works well:


  • Spyder3 device (Express, Pro or Elite)
  • Apple iPad® or iPad 2
  • MacOS® X (10.4 or higher)
  • Windows® XP 32/64, Vista 32/64 or Windows7 32/64
  • USB port
  • Local Wi-Fi network

After you have downloaded and installed SpyderGallery for Mac start the software:

to get the software for Mac or Windows before you install the software in the iPhone or iPadafter which the program of your iDevice there will be explanations to download SpyderGalleryDesktop for Mac or Windows


After starting SpyderGallery by iPad 2:

When the two programs are synced via your Wifi Network, putting the Spyder on the iPad and click OK:

After a few minutes, the calibration is finished!

Here are some videos that explain most features.

Datacolor SpyderGallery – Friends with Vision

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