How to Activate iPhone 4/3GS on iOS 4.3.5

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Steps to Officially Activate iPhone 4/3GS on iOS 4.3.5 Using SAM:

  1. Open Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you haven’t jailbroken your device yet, then refer to our Redsn0w tethered jailbreak guide for instructions.
2. Below Cydia, you should see a Manage tab which you need to tap. And on the next screen, tap on Sources.
3. You should now be in the repo list screen. Tap Edit on the top-right of the screen, followed by a tap on the Add button located at the top left. You will be prompted by Cydia to enter the Cydia/APT URL. Just type the following: and then tap the Add Source button.
4. Cydia should now update its repository database for a few seconds. Once that’s done, tap theSearch tab and in the search field, type SAM.
5. SAM should appear in the search results if you’ve followed the above instructions properly. Select SAM from the search results and then tap Install.
6. Cydia will now be installing SAM into you device and once that’s done you will be asked to Reboot Device, so go ahead and do that to complete the installation.
7. Once SAM is installed on your iPhone, navigate to Settings > SAM > Utilities and tap Revert Lockdown to Stock. You should see a Stockification Success message. Otherwise, if you see a failure notification then it means that do not have the correct version of SAM installed.
8. Go back to SAM’s main menu by tapping the SAM button at the top left of the screen. And that’s it. Now we just need to activate your iPhone through iTunes.
9. Plug your iPhone to your PC or Mac via USB cable and open iTunes. You should see the following screen in iTunes below:
10 .Just wait for a few moments while iTunes generate legitimate activation packets for your iPhone. Now your device should be ready for syncing and backup.
11. After syncing and backing up your iPhone, you should see an iTunes error 1651. Don’t be alarmed because it’s normal. Just ignore the error.
12. Now to see if activation is successful, open the SAM app on your iPhone and tap on More Information menu. Check the ActivationState and if you see it as WildcardActivated, then you’re done. Congratulations, your iPhone is now activated.
13. If you want to test if Push Notifications are working fine or not, download and install the iPusher app from the App Store. Launch the app and tap the Test Push Notifications button and if you see the Yay, push notifications work fine! message, then it means everything is A-OK. Take note that you need to be connected to a WiFi connection with an active internet connection before you can test Push Notifications using iPusher.
Download iPusher from App Store.
NOTE: In case Push Notifications are still not working after installing SAM on iOS 4.3.5:
  1. If you have already installed iPusher app, just remove it by holding its icon and then tapping on thex icon on the top-left.
  2. Navigate to Settings » SAM » Utilities » tap on Backup Activation and then tap on Restore Activation label.
  3. Reboot your iPhone and then sync it with iTunes.
  4. Install iPusher App.
  5. Reboot your iPhone and then sync it with iTunes. Make sure your iPhone is connected to a Wifi with an active internet connection.
  6. Open iPusher app and tap on Test Push Notifications button. If you see a pop-up saying Yay, push notifications work fine! then it means your Push Notifications are working fine.
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