For how much good can be been to write, you/he/she can happen to decide to return back and to select a part of the elaborate text to modify him/it. All know the bases: double click to select a word, to press the key of the mouse and to drag the cursor to select more words. But there is more:1. To plan the color of selection

If you don’t like the blue color of default that puts in evidence the text when it is selected him/it, you can change him/it. To choose the preferred color, launches Preferences of System from the menu Apple. In Snow Leopard, cliccate on the panel Aspect, in Lion, fairies click on General. Then, to use the curtain menu of “Color selection” to choose a color or you select Other to open the shovels Color and to create of of it new.



2. Capital to select

It is possible to move the cursor in any point of the text using the keyboard, and he is also able to select the text on which he passes above holding pressed the key Capital while the cursor moves him. Holding always pressed Capital, using the keys left arrow or right is underlined one letter at a time, while with the keys arrow on and down the text is selected downward or versol’alto in comparison to the point where the cursor is found.



3. To select the beginning or the end

Is working to you make a will her/it of degree or to the relationship to introduce in the office, and don’t you like the introduction? Pressing Capital-Home it is possible to select the whole text from the current position of the cursor to the beginning of the document and therefore to eliminate him/it. Pressing Capital-end is selected all by the point of insertion of the cursor at the end, if you desire to cancel your conclusions “debolucce.” Any key Home or End on the keyboard? In Pages or TextEdit, you press left Capital-Fn-arrow or right Capital-Fn-arrow to select the beginning or the end of the document. Microsoft Word 2011 don’t support the standard left Fn-arrow and right Fn-arrow as substitutes for the keys Home and End, and it have mappato the combinations to move the cursor to the beginning and at the end of the current line.



4. To select a paragraph or a part of it

Rapid Tip: triple click on a paragraph to select him/it everything.

To select from the point of actual insertion of the cursor to the beginning or at the end of the paragraph, to use the trucchetto “Capital to select.” It is possible to move the cursor to the beginning or at the end of a paragraph pressing Option-arrow on or Option-arrow down (Option = halt). Also pressing Capital the preceding or following part of the paragraph is selected in comparison to the point of insertion of the cursor.

Finally, an alternative to the rapid tip of the triple click to select a whole paragraph: you press Option-fraccia Above to go to the beginning, then Capital-option-arrow down to jump – and to select – up to the end.

5. Capital-click

With a click in any part of the text and Capital-click from some other part it is selected all that that is found among the two clicks.

But Capital-click it is also a system to modify what you/he/she is selected, not only to add other of it. If you do capital-click out of the existing selection, to add other text, but with Capital-click inside the selection you will reduce the selection from the point of the click in then.