This was sent to me by Towhid Salahuddin, our Facebook fan, and this worked like a charm. This procedure can enable FaceTime for iPhone 4 on unsupported carriers without any jailbreak tweak. Apparently this procedure works on factory unlocked iPhone 4’s. I have tested it on mine and I have successfully enabled FaceTime, yet to make a call though.

[ Guide ]

1. Go to Settings > Phone > make sure you have your number in it with the country code +1 XXX XXXX…

2. Try to turn caller ID off, if you cant, move on…

3. Make sure FaceTime is off, Wi-Fi is off and Cellular Data network is off.

4. Connect your device to PC or MAC (haven’t tested this on MAC though, but it should work)

5. If iTunes pops up, close it

6. Now hold “Home + Power” buttons until the phone restarts. Make sure you hold them long enough to see the Apple logo.

7. After the reboot, go to Settings > Phone > Enable FaceTime > tap ok to the warning message and one by one turn everything on, Wi-Fi n Cellular Data…

8. Close settings and open it again and go to FaceTime and it should be on now with a little message underneath.

That’s it, your FaceTime is enabled on your carrier, make calls, have fun and share this. Thanks again to Towhid for this find.


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