Download iTunes 10.5 Beta 8 direct link

On September 7, 2011, in iTunes, by admin

Apple few minutes ago has released iTunes 10.5 Beta 8 to access the iTunes Match for developers as said by Jobs in the WWDC “11.


Exclusive we have the direct links for downloading.

without account as


Download iTunes 10.5 Beta 8 for Mac [Direct Link]

Download iTunes 10.5 Beta 8 for Windows (32 bit) [Coming soon]

Download iTunes 10.5 Beta 8 for Windows (64 bit) [Coming soon]

3 Responses to “Download iTunes 10.5 Beta 8 direct link”

  1. Transonic says:

    Nice Windows uploads, guys. Guess all you care about are shitty Macs.

  2. gargletransonic says:

    macs rule !

  3. josh says:

    sure as hell beats the fuck out of the shitty windows pcs
    own 1 iMac and 1 maxed out Alienware m17x… can’t update anything on windows. it just bogs it down… thats just my two cent on mac and pc. iOS should just stick with the mac…

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