Apple TV Software (Beta 4), Now Available

On August 8, 2011, in News, by admin

Alongside the release of iOS 5 (Beta 5) and iTunes 10.5 (Beta 5), Apple has tonight also seeded a new update to its Apple TV. Designed to provide the necessary support for the testing of your applications over AirPlay, Apple TV Software (Beta 4) is now available for download from

Instructions for developers after the break.

How To Install
1. Disconnect the power and HDMI cables from Apple TV. Note: If you do not disconnect the power cable before connecting the micro-USB cable, you will not see Apple TV in the iTunes Source list.
2. Connect one end of a micro-USB cable to the back of your Apple TV, and the other end to one of your computer’s USB ports.
3. Open iTunes on your computer.
4. Select your Apple TV in the Source list, and then option-click Restore.
5. Navigate to the Apple TV Software image and click ʻContinueʼ.

Note: To return your Apple TV to the publicly released Apple TV Software version, select your Apple TV in the Source list and then click Restore. Do not disconnect your Apple TV’s power cable during the restore process. Restoring to either pre-release or publicly released software through iTunes will reset your Apple TV settings, accounts, and configuration.

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