“Silently,” Apple has released a firmware update for owners of the LED Cinema Display 24 “(no longer in production), to solve a problem reported by many users. The update has not been officially released, but on Apple’sdiscussion forums has posted a link (direct download) to download.

The new firmware fixes a monitor flicker that occurred when the LED Cinema Display is connected to a Mac with the Thunderbolt. According to user complaints, it was necessary to restart the computer and power cycle the monitor to fix the problem.

These release notes:

“The firmware upgrade LED Cinema Display 24″ solves a problem that can cause intermittent flicker of the display. This firmware will be installed only on the implementa Apple LED Cinema Display 24 “when connected to a MacThunderbolt enabled.

IMPORTANT: The firmware update can not solve the problem of flicker when using a Mini DisplayPort cable.

NOTE: Some USB and FireWire devices may prevent firmware update is installed correctly, disconnect non-essential devices and use only an Applekeyboard and mouse to apply the update. ”

It is not clear why Apple has yet to publicly release the firmware update for all the LED Cinema Display 24 “, then it is a firmware update, you must proceed with caution.

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